What is the AWEC Business Academy?

The AWEC Business Academy is a cooperative learning experience designed for African women entrepreneurs seeking to develop specific business management skills in just one month. While AWEC Business Academy courses are delivered digitally, they are not typical online courses. Our courses provide the opportunity to learn by watching, doing, discussing, and reflecting.

What is the difference between the flagship 12-month AWEC program and the AWEC Business Academy?

The AWEC Business Academy was created by the same team that built and manages the African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative (AWEC), an intensive, 12-month capacity building program that has transformed the lives and businesses of hundreds of women across more than 40 countries. The AWEC team created the Business Academy in response to overwhelming demand for our unique approach to applied and collaborative learning. 

Business Academy courses are significantly shorter time commitments than the flagship program, focus on a single business management topic, do not require a lengthy application, and are fee-based.

Who teaches Business Academy courses?

Business Academy courses are cooperative learning experiences that are designed to incorporate lessons delivered by global subject matter experts, applied assignments, interactive activities, live small group discussions facilitated by teaching assistants, and peer feedback. 

How long does an AWEC Business Academy course last?

A Business Academy course is 4-weeks long.

How much does it cost to take a Business Academy course?

Each AWEC Business Academy course costs $150 USD.

Is the course fee refundable?

We encourage prospective learners to carefully consider their other professional and personal commitments before registering for a Business Academy course. Once the course fee has been processed, it is not refundable. 

How can I pay for a Business Academy course?

Learners can pay for a Business Academy course online using mobile money or a credit card. Learners can choose to process their payment via Flutterwave or PayPal. Cash payments cannot be accepted.

How do I register for a course?

Interested learners can register for individual courses on our Shopify page. When a course is full, we cannot accept additional learners, but popular courses will be offered again. We will keep a waitlist for each course, so we encourage you to join the waitlist if the course you are interested in is full.

How many people can enroll in a course?

The capacity for each course is 150 learners. We purposefully limit the size to enable us to create an active community of women entrepreneurs.

What language(s) are offered for Business Academy courses?

Similar to all AWEC programming, Business Academy courses are offered in English. Participants should be prepared for an intensive and fast-paced learning experience. Proficiency in English (written and verbal) is advised. 

Who can register for a AWEC Business Academy course? 

AWEC Business Academy courses are open to current and aspiring African women entrepreneurs, including members of the diaspora. Registration for each course is limited to 150 learners; when the course is full, it will be closed to new registrants. 

Is there a waitlist for Business Academy courses?

When a course fills up, we will maintain a short waitlist of interested learners. Individuals on the waitlist will be notified if they are offered a place in the course.

Do I need to travel to participate in a Business Academy course?

No. All Business Academy courses are offered ONLINE ONLY. You can access them via your computer, tablet, or smartphone.