NOVEMBER 2020: Establishing a Brand Identity

NOVEMBER 2020: Establishing a Brand Identity

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What are the key components necessary to establish a strong brand identity? Great brands evoke a memory, feeling or reaction in each of us. This response provides an opportunity for companies to build customer loyalty and competitive advantage.
In this four-week online course, current and aspiring entrepreneurs will learn how to establish a brand identity through a set of expert webinars with Shelly Lazarus, Chairman Emeritus at Ogilvy, and Nadja Bellan-White, Executive Partner at Ogilvy, and a series of practical activities, applied assignments, and collaborative peer interactions designed to turn business theory into an actionable plan for growth. 
Learning objectives include:
  • Establish your company’s key brand attributes
  • Learn how to communicate brand attributes and core values in everyday business interactions
  • Understand how your customers interact with your brand at key touchpoints

This course will be offered digitally (via your computer, tablet or smartphone) from 1-30 November 2020It is available exclusively online for African women entrepreneurs who currently reside on the continent or in the diaspora. Both aspiring and current entrepreneurs may enroll in this course.

Course Components:

AWEC Business Academy courses deliver a practical, interactive, applied, and collaborative learning experience.

  • Practical: Activities allow learners to turn theoretical content into actionable guidance, developing a toolkit of skills to tackle the challenges presented in the road ahead with confidence
  • Interactive: A Live Q&A session with the subject matter expert and support from a team of Teaching Assistants provides a personal touch, ensuring that learners feel directly connected to both the content and the course
  • Applied: Assignments push learners to immediately apply key concepts to their businesses or business concepts, resulting in a roadmap for business growth upon completion of the course
  • Collaborative: Peer Sessions and Peer Feedback build a community amongst learners, emphasizing the importance of peer-to-peer learning and support in an effort to build a strong, diverse network of women entrepreneurs